Eiko was born on January 22, which is known as g Jazz Dayh in Japan.
She started playing the piano at age 3, started learning English from American native speaker age7 and started to learn how to sing from age 10.

When Eiko was 9 years old, she travelled to Hawaii and stayed with a local family for 2 weeks. From that experience, she developed a strong love of travel, has been interested in different culture and has since been to about more 30 different countries.
In the 1990s, she lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 3 years where she was a member of the Riyadh Chorus and performed as a soloist. She also volunteered at Riyadh International School as a music assistant and taught the piano to European and American children. Surging her time in Riyadh, she met many people from different back grounds and experienced many new things; her time there changed her way of thinking about the world.

After she returned to Japan, Eiko sang at a special commemorative concert for the International year of the Volunteer, at the concert her father who really loves Jazz asked her, gWhy donft you sing Jazz?h Shortly thereafter, her father passed away, but Eiko never forget what he said.

When she was growing up, she remembers listening to a constant stream of jazz, her fatherfs favorite king of music. So, as a tribute to her fatherfs memory, she decided to launch a career as Eiko, the Jazz singer.

In 2009, on the anniversary of his death, she launched for won website and changer her stage name to g Solaris Eikoh.

Eikofs charm lies in her attractive also voice and her model like appearance. Her fans love her for her beauty both inside and out. She sings at many venues in Japan, including Ginza Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Ibaraki, and she even drops in to sing in Tottori sometimes. She performs not only at Jazz concerts but also at lectures about disabilities and cross-cultural understanding and at charity event.

In 2010, she released her first album gLife is Beautiful ?TOBIRA-h by analog recording. Part of proceeds for this CD will be donated to mentally handicapped people.
The super drummer, Fukushi Tainaka from NY who is a member of a legendary Alto saxophone player, Lou Donaldson, joined her album.

Part of the albumfs proceeds was donated to charities for the disabled, and to the disabled who suffered in the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In August 2013, she sang at the Australian Embassy and also sang in front of their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino at the opening ceremony of the International Developmental Disorder Conference.

Original song gTobirah is written by dawn syndrome boy, Toshiki and composed by blind man. It is so great and soulful song. Toshiki plays the trumpet for his song g Tobirah. It is so special dawn syndrome child plays the trumpet.

Many people are so impressed to hear gTobirah

By Toshiki
Please tell me, You love me.
Ifll smile for you.
I love you so much, so I want to hold you.

Whenever you feel bitter, I promise Ifll protect you.
Donft run away from your hardship.
Ifll be always beside you.

I keep looking for you through the clouds.
I stare at the faint sunlight.

When you close your eyes gently,
You will find your answer.

There is the eternal life, beyond the breezing wind.
Even a tiny bud lives here.

Please look at the bud it lives when it blooms.
Please look at the petals when they fall down.

Keep looking for heart binding tears.
Wher is the glitter of tears?

It takes ten thousand years to open the door.
It takes ten thousand years to find that wonderful miracle.